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The Rules of Tabula Letum

     Tabula Letum is a game of two opposing forces, one dark and one light.  The king is bigger than the rest of the pieces and sits on his throne (the shaded square in the middle of the board).  The object of the game is to move the king from his throne to one of the four shaded corner squares without having him killed by his attackers.


Moving Pieces

     The pieces move the same way rooks move in chess.  That is, they can move in a straight line of any distance over empty squares, either forwards or backwards, or side to side.  The pieces cannot move diagonally, nor can they jump over other pieces.  Only the king can sit on the throne.

Killing Table-men

Table-men can be killed by moving first one and then the other of your pieces on either side of your opponent’s piece. 
A piece is not killed if it moves in between two stationary, opponent pieces (this is known as the "resting" move or "resting" piece). 
A piece is also killed if it is trapped between a shaded square and the killing piece.  The resting move is allowed here as well. 
Two pieces can be killed at the same time if they are in the correct positions.

Killing the King
While the king is on his throne, he can be killed if surrounded on all four sides by his attackers.
If he is off the throne, he need only be surrounded on two opposing sides. 
The king can also be killed by being trapped against a shaded corner square by one attacker.  Should the king be up against his throne he must be killed on two opposing sides, he cannot be killed up against the throne the same way he can be killed against the other shaded squares.


     For the king’s side to win, the king must make it safely onto one of the four shaded corner squares.  For the attackers to win, they must kill the king.
 A player looses the game if he can no longer make a move.